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The Delta Lion Pub is a 25-year old suburban pub located near Vancouver, Canada. Together with an adjoining restaurant, the Gecko Grill, it boasts a total capacity of 300 seats and approximately 7,000 square feet. The Delta Lion Pub features an enormous curved bar, 25 foot ceilings, numerous TV screens, NTN trivia, pool tables, three Golden Tee games, two dart boards, and a food menu offering great meals at reasonable prices. The Gecko Grill is a 100-seat family restaurant offering all the great flavors of the southwest.

An Integrated, Cost-Effective LOCHINVAR Solution

The More Card program, as it is named, was designed to help the proprietors learn who their most valuable customers are, to establish a mechanism to reward them, and to encourage them to visit more often.

The system is integrated directly into a Squirrel POS System, so each time customers visit and hand their More Cards to their server, their purchase information is stored in the LOCHINVAR System's database. Servers can see at a glance each cardholder's favourite menu item, the last time they visited the restaurant, and how much they usually spend.

A Tale of Success

›› Customer Retention has improved as a result of the points program, which has resulted in a loyal customer following.

›› Direct Marketing is Made Easy with the software, which stores a large database of information that can be used to generate any number of powerful, custom reports.

›› E-Communications have been used extensively, helping The Delta Lion Pub avoid the high costs of printed materials such as direct mail and flyers.

›› Streamlined Operation is accomplished due to the direct interface the LOCHINVAR System has with The Delta Lion Pub's Squirrel Version 1.1 POS System.

›› Budgetary Control has been enhanced greatly: Promotions are delivered through The More Card program, so wait staff no longer feel the need to deliver free rewards to customers they think are loyal, big spenders.

Some First Year Statistics:

›› New card-members: 1,037

›› Total Card Transactions: 38,781

›› Of the 134 Anniversary Cards mailed to members, 40% were returned, generating revenues of $3132. The promotion only cost $642 to build.

›› Of the 960 Birthday Cards mailed to members, 16% were returned, generating revenues of more than $17,500. That promotion cost less than $2000 to build!

›› Unlike previous years, the proprietors of The Delta Lion Pub were able to report the revenues delivered by the 13 sports teams they sponsored: More then $65,000!

Overall, the Delta Lion Pub increased their revenues by 9% in 2001 to more than $2.6 million—amazing in a year when the industry as a whole saw revenues decline. And the proprietors attribute their success to the LOCHINVAR Solution.



With The LOCHINVAR System in place, The Delta Lion Pub has established a powerful direct marketing campaign that delivers the right message to the right customers at the right time... all the guesswork is a thing of the past!



Meet "MOREY"
the More Card




"We were confident the software would be successful for us. But we've been absolutely amazed by how successful it has been. Marketing decisions are so much easier, because we can track what promotions work. Our marketing budget has lowered, because we can use efficient, effective direct marketing. And our customers love it! They visit more, and they get more… just like the program's tagline says!"

Chris Mahony,
General Manager

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