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LOCHINVAR Customer Relationship Enhancement System

At the most basic level, the LOCHINVAR System provides businesses like yours the ability to manage relationships with each and every one of your customers. But the LOCHINVAR System moves beyond traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and provides you with the ability to grow your customer relationships.

Today, you or your management can point out your company's most valuable customers. They're the ones that get a little better service, a little more attention, because they've been shopping or dining with you for years and because they're always ready to recommend you to their friends.

But here's the crucial question: Do you really know which of them is most valuable? Which of them shops with you most often? Which of them spends the most money each time they're in? Which has spent the most over the course of your relationship with them? And which was in most recently?

These questions imply the benefits of the LOCHINVAR System: Our proprietary Customer Relationship Enhancement (CRE) solution will provide you with the ability to know—beyond any doubt—who your best customers are. You'll know when they come in. You'll know the value of their average visit. And you'll be able to reward them accordingly, building stronger, loyal relationships and attracting new customers along the way.

Equally importantly, you'll know what separates the top tier of your customers from the second tier and you'll be able to build strategies, programs and promotions to increase the value of the relationships you have with that second tier, turning them into loyal, top tier customers, too.

What would happen if you could encourage your best customers to visit just once more each month? Or once more each week? Once you have the data in place — all of which is handled by the LOCHINVAR System — you'll be able to build cost-effective permission-based marketing tactics that drive results.

That's Customer Relationship Enhancement. And that's how you'll impact your bottom line results.

Frequent Buyers Earn Rewards

Rewarding your customers for their business is the only sure way to keep them coming back. Keeping them coming back is the core benefit for your business of the LOCHINVAR System. Here's how it works….

Customers receive a membership card in a loyalty program that's branded specifically for your business. Using this magnetic swipe card, customers accumulate points for every dollar they spend. They can then redeem their points for merchandise, menu items or other prizes. Simple.

Every time their membership card is swiped, you'll automatically gather valuable marketing information, all of which is stored in a secure LOCHINVAR database on your premises.

Once you have gathered this valuable customer information, you'll take advantage of the powerful, customizable reporting and marketing tools built into the LOCHINVAR System.

You'll build cost-effective marketing tactics that have measurable effects. You'll see your best customers more often. You'll see new customers that you haven't met before. And you'll see your bottom line begin to rise.

Best of all, building marketing tactics such as direct mail or email can take just minutes each week, because the LOCHINVAR System does all the work.

Enhanced Features for Enhanced Relationships

The LOCHINVAR System is not limited to a simple frequent shopper points program.

While the System's customizable reports provide an incredible opportunity for businesses like yours to market themselves more effectively, these additional features allow you to lever your LOCHINVAR System and customer data to a far greater degree.

Gift Card Module

Similar to the Starbucks® customer card, the LOCHINVAR Gift Card Module is designed to replace the traditional gift certificate with a reloadable gift that will help you to turn new contacts into loyal customers.

When a Gift Card recipient first uses their Gift Card, it acts much like a gift certificate. The amount of their invoice or cheque is deducted from their total balance and its value decreases each time it's used. Once it reaches a balance of zero, it can be activated as a membership card in your branded LOCHINVAR Solution.

The transition from new contact to loyal customer is streamlined into a natural, manageable progression.

Swipe and Win Module

The Swipe and Win Module is designed to provide an easily implemented promotional campaign for your marketing calendar.

Each time a customer swipes their membership or gift card, they have a chance to win prizes instantly. You dictate the rules of the program, prearranging the triggers and the prizes that will be given away during the period of the promotion.

A Swipe and Win promotion will increase purchase frequency in your store and will build excitement at your business.

Reservations Module

You'll never erroneously book an appointment again! Reservations are logged directly into the LOCHINVAR System, providing your staff with the ability to review the customer profile, their purchase history and other data accumulated for customers with whom they'll soon be dealing.

Is it likely that their customer is celebrating a birthday or an anniversary? Does their customer have a favourite product or service? How about food allergies in a restaurant or previous concerns at an automotive repair shop?

The Reservation Module is a simple, but powerful way for your business to enhance its relationships with your customers.

Team Sponsorship Module

Have you ever sponsored a club or sports team, only to be disappointed at how little they give you back in revenue? Sponsorships are a notoriously frustrating and disappointing marketing expense.

The LOCHINVAR Team Sponsorship Module eliminates the guesswork from team sponsorships and helps you to gauge the return on investment (ROI) of every sponsorship dollar.

Eliminate off-the-cuff promos, aligning your interests with the teams': The more they spend, the more they get in return.

Management can track the spending habits of each team in their database, building an understanding of each team member's contribution to the whole over the course of the season. And they can make an informed, value-driven contribution to the team's budget for next season.

Web Interface Module

Drive customers to visit your website by giving them the ability to view their point totals online. In return, you'll have an opportunity to market other promotions to a captive audience at your site.

Home Delivery Module

Customers who order products or meals for delivery are now even easier to handle.

The LOCHINVAR Home Delivery Module includes special receipts with delivery instructions and the ability to reorder the last shipment or meal.












The LOCHINVAR CRE System will show you —beyond any doubt— who your most important customers really are. No more guess work.







Customers earn points on their purchases.
›› Purchase patterns are recorded in your LOCHINVAR database.
›› Customizable reports summarize your customers' value.
›› Email & mailing label wizards allow you to craft effective marketing tactics.




By spending just minutes each week, you'll build marketing tactics that will see your bottom line begin to rise.





›› Gift Card Module
›› Swipe & Win Module
›› Reservations Module
›› Team Sponsorship Module
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