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Every retailer knows that the key to growing their business is encouraging their customers to come back for more.

But with increasing costs, increasing competition and decreasing margins, it's more and more difficult to build relationships that last.

And if you can't build lasting relationships, you can't build your business.

Top marketing gurus suggest 'direct database marketing,' 'brand-building strategies' and 'broadcast advertising,' all of which are viable solutions. But at what cost?

That's the problem.

Stretch Your Marketing Dollar

Of course, you can't eliminate the need for marketing entirely. How else can you expect to attract customers to do business with you? The difficulty comes in assessing whether efforts like advertising or in-store promotions are really effective over the long-term.


Here's the crux of the matter:

The LOCHINVARTM Solution has been designed to help you build a real understanding of your customers' demographic make-up, of their motivations, and of their shopping habits. With that information at hand, you can easily learn what they really want you—or need you—to provide for them.

You'll be able to talk to each of your customers in a manner that reaches them, about products that they care about, in a way that will encourage them to come back and see you again.

That's how you'll build customer loyalty. And that's how you'll grow your bottom line.

Here's exactly how LOCHINVAR can help you apply our technology to your business:

›› You'll be able to build a clear profile of your customers, understanding who they are, what they buy, when they buy it and how much you can expect them to spend.

›› You'll be able to reward your best customers for contributing to your business's continued success.

›› You'll build cost-effective marketing communications using permission-based e-marketing tools.

›› You'll build powerful, one-to-one relationships with your customers.

›› You'll grow your customer base—in quantity and quality.

›› You'll be able to measure each promotion's impact on your topline and your bottom line using objective metrics—no more hunches!

In short, with a LOCHINVAR Solution, you'll gain the ability to manage the marketing and the growth of your customer base and your business.


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